RUSTORM are described as ethereal doom metal titans.

The first studio recording from Rustorm is the four track EP ‘Death Valley Speed Trap’ released on the 10th October 2020, The EP is a reaction at that time to the twisted and corrupt so-called modern age with dangerous political ideologies, ignoring the demise of vital eco-systems and leading to an imminent climate crisis and mass death and destruction that could be a part of the new human struggle to survive.
The second studio album ‘Razed to the Ground’ was released on the 20 May 2022 and is a continuation of the first album’s theme and now adding a more ethereal dimension to the sound.
Rob Lewis and Jules McBride the two founding members of late 90s Alt-metal band Pulkas who were signed to Earache Records. Their debut album Greed was recorded and produced by the legendary Colin Richardson at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire. The pulkas album Greed is in Metal Hammer’s Top Ten Bands That Made One Killer Album Then Split Up.
Metal Hammer “Heavily based on bowel-loosening low-end guitars, London malcontents Pulkas added British steel to a sound that mirrored State of World Address-era Biohazard and Killing joke in equal measure. Greed remains an unbelievable slab of alt. metal perfection. That it was Pulkas’s sole album is criminal in the extreme.”
Rob Lewis band history
Treason, Pulkas, Hercules ii, The Blood Tub Orchestra, Test Dept, Rustorm
Jules Mcbride band History
Treason, Pulkas, Murder One, Evi Vine, Rustorm.

Organ Zine
Rustorm – Razed to the Ground – There’s a beautifully brooding menace to Pandemus, the seven and a half minute instrumental piece in the middle this impressive 35 minute debut album from Rustorm, there’s a lot more to this two piece than there first appears to be, are they really just a two piece? Razed to the Ground sounds massive. They have Pedigree of course,  Rustorm are Rob Lewis and Jules McBride, the two founding members of late 90s Alt-metal band Pulkas, well known around these parts of course, their debut (and only) album Greed is still considered a classic and those storming early gigs are still talked of, all that digging of holes to the pit of their souls. This is very much along the lines of that Pulkas sound, maybe not the hardcore punk edge that Pulkas had, this is very much that modern alt.metal take on things, that darkness, that banging on the door, that remorse, the looking for the reasons. Pulkas should have done a lot more of course, it was a tale of wrong decisions, that oft told story of music industry crapola infringing on things, that was then though, the last century, mostly in places that don’t exist now and this is today, and well, these days you don’t really need our words as much as you need our links and signposts. Here’s the videos youtube, there’s the Bandcamp, our organ-grinding is done, hopefully Rustorm’s is just starting. Their holes and their souls are sounding good, they’re brooding, things are dark, of course they are, things are big, it is Pulkas and at the same time it isn’t, which is of course just what we want from Rustorm… (sw)


Live Reviews

Hastings Independent press,  J,G,ould
The Pig venue Hastings,  28th July 2023
Rustorm lay waste to the room with low-end vibrations, doom growl and ambient textures, in the second live debut of the night. The band’s command of the space belies the years of touring experience and musical graft of each member. Led by Rob and Jules, two founding members of late 90s Alt-metal band Pulkas who signed to the hugely influential Earache Records, Rustorm’s live incarnation expands to include Tim (of UK noise rock heavyweights Part Chimp) on drums and Steven (of ethereal post rock groups Evi Vine and Silver Moth) on second guitar and drones. Heads are nodding, synapses snapping.